CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide: A Must-Have for Screenings is a groundbreaking website that provides valuable resources for individuals and organizations looking to host screenings of the powerful documentary “Call Me Kuchu.” One essential tool provided by is the Discussion Guide, which is a must-have for anyone planning to screen the film. In this article, we will explore the importance of the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide and how it can enhance the experience for both the audience and the facilitator.

Why is the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide important?

The Discussion Guide serves as a comprehensive resource that helps facilitate meaningful conversations and reflections after watching the film. It provides a framework for discussing key themes and issues raised in the documentary, such as LGBTQ rights, activism, and the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in Uganda. By using the Discussion Guide, facilitators can engage the audience in thought-provoking conversations that promote empathy, understanding, and social change.

What does the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide include?

The Discussion Guide offered by includes a range of discussion questions, activities, and additional resources to help guide the conversation after the screening. These questions are designed to spark dialogue, encourage critical thinking, and deepen the audience’s understanding of the issues presented in the film. The guide also provides background information on the history of LGBTQ rights in Uganda, as well as tips for creating a safe and inclusive screening environment.

How can the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide enhance the screening experience?

By using the Discussion Guide, facilitators can create a structured and engaging post-screening discussion that encourages active participation from the audience. The guide prompts attendees to reflect on their own beliefs and values, as well as consider the ways in which they can support LGBTQ rights both locally and globally. Additionally, the Discussion Guide helps to ensure that the conversation remains respectful and constructive, even when opinions differ.

Tips for using the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide effectively

  1. Preview the Discussion Guide: Familiarize yourself with the questions and activities in the guide before the screening to ensure a seamless and impactful discussion.
  2. Encourage participation: Create a welcoming environment where all attendees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions.
  3. Provide context: Offer background information on the issues discussed in the film to help frame the conversation and provide context for the audience.
  4. Follow up: Consider hosting follow-up events or discussions to continue the dialogue and deepen engagement with the film’s themes.


In conclusion, the CallMeKuchu Discussion Guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to host a screening of the powerful documentary “Call Me Kuchu.” By utilizing this guide, facilitators can create a meaningful and thought-provoking experience for their audience, fostering dialogue, understanding, and advocacy for LGBTQ rights. Visit to access the Discussion Guide and start planning your screening today.

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